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Our Story

Our love story began Summer of 2019, shortly after the Fourth of July. We met on a dating app and after talking for a while, set a time and place for our first date. From the moment we saw each other, an undeniable chemistry sparked. Tanner was easy-going and kind, humble and sincere, with an easiness that allowed our conversations to turn the minutes into hours. Demi was exciting and fun, filled with an energy that made Tanner laugh and feel full of life. Around each other, it was easy to feel like one was experiencing things for the very first time.

They say opposites attract. Our relationship is living proof that this adage is true. In fact, it's the very polarity of our personalities that made us gravitate toward each other in the first place. Tanner's calm and relaxed attitude keeps Demi grounded, while Demi's bubbly and spontaneous personality brings adventure to Tanner's life. We help each other grow and get out of our comfort zones, encouraging one another to take risks and dream big. From launching his new company to finishing her degree and applying for grad school, we share the same ambition and drive in the pursuit of knowledge.

While we work hard, we love to have a good day off. From watching a Netflix binge with some popcorn to going on a hike with our pup, we love finding new ways to have fun and relax. More often than not, you'll find Demi napping, Tanner coding, or both of us planning our next little weekend getaway. Though no relationship is perfect, we've learned we can rely on one another for unconditional love, trust, and support. Together, our future is looking bright and hopeful.


On a sunny Saturday in mid-October, we tied the knot and became legally married with our immediate families as witnesses. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to celebrate our love and commitment with all our loved ones that day. Now, almost a year later, we plan on having a reception with the people we care about most to renew our vows and have fun.

Honeymoon Fund

We are so excited to see you at our reception! We've put a lot of time and effort into making this a day to remember not only for ourselves, but all our guests as well. We hope that you enjoy our celebration as much as we do! In lieu of wedding gifts, a donation to our Honeymoon Fund would be greatly appreciated to allow us to enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone our honeymoon a year so we're even more excited to be heading to Maui, Hawaii in September! We'll be leaving the day after our reception and staying for a week, enjoying the change in culture, food, and scenery. We're looking forward to enjoying the soft beaches, seeing the sunrise at Haleakala volcano, ziplining across the jungle, and more!

In order to make it easy to donate, we have included QR codes for each of our Venmos below. Additionally, we'll have a Honeymoon Fund set up during the reception if you wish to donate through cash or check instead. We can't wait to see you and thank you in advance for your kind and generous donation!

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towards our

Airfaire: $800

Food: $900

Activities: $1,000

Transportation: $350

Hotel: $1,150

Total: $4,200

The vow renewal ceremony will be outdoor. The remainder of the reception will be indoor with outdoor access for photos.

Doors open at 5:45pm. Please arrive early to ensure you find a seat for the ceremony which will begin at 6pm. For the reception, you may arrive anytime after 6:30pm. Our send-off will take place promptly at 10:00pm.

You may bring a plus one as a date if you wish.

Dinner will be from 7:15-8:30pm buffet-style. Our menu consists of grilled chicken with a baked potato bar and rainbow roasted veggies. Caesar salad will also be available. Desserts will be available throughout the evening. An open bar serving themed cocktails will be open until 8pm. Non-alcoholic refreshments include fresh-squeezed lemonades. We have done our best to ensure there is something for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.

An open bar will be serving drinks until 8pm. We encourage our guests to drink responsibly throughout the evening. Additionally, we will have a variety of fresh-squeezed lemonades to choose from.

We would prefer kids to stay home whenever possible. If this isn't possible, we ask that your little ones dress as close to the dress code as possible and that parents supervise their children at all times due to the expensive photography and videography equipment in the venue. In addition, please do not let your little ones around the food, dessert, and guest book tables by themselves.

In lieu of wedding gifts, we ask that you donate to our Honeymoon Fund instead. Our goal for our fund is $4,200 which will cover travel, lodging, transportation, food, and activities on the island. You can donate directly at our Venmo, @demiluv or @ScaddenMan. We have changed our Venmo setting to private for your discretion. If you prefer, we will also have a Honeymoon Fund box set up during the reception where guests can donate through cash or check.

We encourage your photography, except during the ceremony out of respect. We will have a professional photographer and videographer capturing the ceremony in its entirety and ask that your phones are turned off or on silent during that time. If you do post our wedding pictures on social media, we ask you use the hashtag #PerezentingtheScaddens so we can find the images later.

We encourage you to RSVP to make sure we have enough food and refreshments. You can RSVP by clicking on the button titled 'RSVP' on the banner above and following the prompts.